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“I am much more aware of my interactions with people, whether they are co-workers, the public or family/friends.”

We can certify you in the EQi 2.0. You will then be able to administer and interpret the EQi 2.0 which measures fifteen dimensions of emotional intelligence and is the most validated instrument in the field of EI.

Call or email for information
about certifying you or your organization.

Certified ServSafe Trainers!
We can train you and your staff in safe food handling in your establishment or elsewhere using your time frame. ServSafe is the gold standard of safe food handling using FDA regulations.

Need Executive Coaching or Strategic Planning?
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
(EQI 2.0 and 360)
Certification Classes

Oct 9-10
Monterey/Carmel, CA
Oct 23-24
Nov 6-7
Monterey/Carmel, CA
Nov 24-25
New York
Dec 4-5
Dec 18-19
Jan 5-6
New York
Jan 15-16
Monterey/Carmel, CA
Jan 23-24
San Francisco
Jan 28-29
Feb 5-6
Feb 19-20
Monterey/Carmel, CA
Mar 5-6
Mar 19-20
San Diego
Mar 26-27

New York classes are available online or conveniently in your
office or city on prearranged dates.
We can customize to your Emotional Intelligence needs.